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COTTON IS OUT! RAYON is here to stay.

The availability of cotton (poplin) stock with nice prints in New Delhi and surroundings has become very limited. That's the main reason we've stopped producing cotton wrap skirts and almost completely switched to Rayon.

What is Rayon? Rayon is an artificial fiber, which is made from cellulose. The cellulose is extracted from wood pulp. Rayon fabric usually feels softer and smoother than cotton and also has more shine to it.

There are many leftover batches of Rayon stock in New Delhi which makes our mixes more beautiful and interesting. The Rayon prints are less floral and generally contain more geometric / abstract patterns. A nice change!

The only cotton skirt we continue to produce is the all-time favorite patchwork IRIS in long, medium and XL.

We offer our last stock of cotton skirts for a 15% discount! Buying is keeping. This discount campaign runs until 31-05-2018.

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