All our skirt designs are registered and protected with OHIM.

  1. All intellectual and/or industrial property rights, including copyrights, design rights, patents, trade mark rights, not limited to our trademark “Zand” and our registered designs, and/or any other rights to goods manufactured and made available by Zand Amsterdam pursuant to the agreement will vest exclusively in Zand Amsterdam and all of these rights will be acknowledged and respected by you.
  2. The goods made available to you may not be reproduced and/or published, wholly or partly, in any manner whatsoever without express prior permission in writing from us.
  3. Our trademarks, under which the trademark “Zand”, may only be used in connection with the sale of our products. Any other use of Our trademarks, for example as a trade name or domain name, alone or in combination with other words such as “Zand London” or “Zand Barcelona”, is strictly forbidden.
  4. For each and every violation of article 11 you will immediately and without prior notification be obliged to pay a penalty to us in the amount of Euro 50.000,-, to be augmented with an amount of Euro 5.000,- for every day or part of the day that the infringement continues, not limiting our rights to claim the actual damages in full.