Products purchased at Zand Wholesale B.V. can be returned within 1 year, the credit amount will be transferred to you no questions asked.

The following conditions apply:

  • Products must be in good and saleable condition. Meaning:

no damages
no skirts with mismatching belts (customers might sometimes without you knowing switch belts)
no faded fabrics due to prolonged exposure to the sun
no excessively wrinkled fabrics
no nasty odours,
no stains,

  • The tags & labels must be on the products. Not doing so might incur a relabelling fee of € 1,25 per product.
  • The products must be wrapped in plastic. Not doing so might incur a repacking fee of € 1,25 per product.
  • We credit you the prices which are valid at this moment. So it's possible some products are worth less over the course of 1 year.

We have the right to refuse returned products:

  • Products older than 1 year can be refused.
  • Discounted products will be refused.
  • Products which are no longer carried can be refused.